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BUFFALO GROVE (IL, USA), GRONINGEN (The Netherlands), OSS (The Netherlands) – Austin Chemical Company Inc, a pharmaceutical procurement and logistics service provider announced today the joint venture with Syncom BV, a pharmaceutical contract synthesis company, and ChemConnection BV, a GMP licensed contact manufacturing company.

The development of novel active pharmaceutical ingredients (NCEs, APIs) demands a broad range of specialized technologies that should be combined to enable the shortest development time to clinical evaluation. The SynConnection companies, each building upon decades of pharmaceutical development history, join forces providing optimal chemical contract development services for small- and mid-sized pharma and biotech companies. SynConnection offers specialized IND/IMPD enabling technologies including chiral resolution and process development, GMP manufacturing of highly potent materials, complex purifications, analytical development and validation, nanomedicines manufacturing, as well as global logistics and procurement.

Sam Ponticelli, CEO of Austin Chemical Company, commented: “We are very pleased with this exciting cooperation. This joint venture officially connects decades of pharmaceutical development history”

Ton Vries, CEO of Syncom, commented: “For Syncom this joint venture is a tremendous step forward. Syncom has been working with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the world and has established a solid name in the preclinical pharmaceutical contract synthesis market. Joining forces with Austin Chemical and ChemConnection now adds specialized GMP manufacturing services and knowledge to our portfolio. The SynConnection cooperation will give us the opportunity to further assist our customers with developing their pipeline. It also enforces the excellent longstanding relationship with the ChemConnection team.”

Gerjan Kemperman, CEO of ChemConnection, commented: “Our competences build upon the legacy history from Organon Biosciences. The ChemConnection team has developed a multitude of NCEs from research to clinical evaluation, and has established an enormous knowledge base. We are dedicated to advancing health by offering our services to small-and mid-sized pharma companies. The cooperation within SynConnection has expanded our company to a globally operating enterprise.”


About Austin Chemical Company Inc

Austin, founded in 1976, is based in the US with branch offices in China, India, and Switzerland. As an originator of Sourcing & Procurement services Austin has provided over 6,000 raw materials, intermediates, fine chemicals, and active substance (APIs).  That, as well as expertise in logistics and international business dealings allows Austin to seamlessly transport product worldwide. Partners such as Syncom and ChemConnection allow Austin to be a strategic source of both cGMP and non cGMP manufacturing capabilities, raw materials, intermediates and APIs.

 About Syncom BV

Syncom is a global leader in providing pharmaceutical industry with custom synthesis solutions. Established in 1988, Syncom has built an excellent track record working for leading global pharmaceutical enterprises and emerging biotech companies. The highly educated and experienced Syncom team of 110 FTE, is dedicated to developing novel chemical processes and synthesizing impurities, metabolites and reference materials. Besides knowledge in the field of classical resolution, Syncom offers a broad range of chiral technologies. Syncom is the inventor of the highly effective resolution variant known as Dutch Resolution.

 About ChemConnection BV

ChemConnection BV is a contract research and manufacturing organization offering enabling technologies for the development and GMP manufacture of small molecule novel active pharmaceutical ingredients and nanomedicines. Although founded in 2011, the team builds upon the legacy history of Organon Biosciences, a former Dutch pharmaceutical company. The dedicated and experienced team offers specialized knowledge and technologies in the field of pharmaceutical development. ChemConnection provides small- and mid sized pharma companies chemical and analytical support and IND/IMPD enabling packages.